Shipping status: in light of movement restrictions due to COVID-19, please anticipate minor adjustments to your order's scheduled delivery. Thank you!




Orders and Shipping

Start by clicking 'create an order' on our homepage, then select your frame, attach your prescription, and checkout!

Sorry, once an order has been confirmed you cannot make any changes.

Shipping is free on all eyewear packages purchased through our website.

Standard lenses will be processed within 24 hours while customized lenses will take a minimum of 12 days.

If you're a first time customer you will need your most up-to-date eyewear prescription. If you're a returning customer, just your name and birthday will do!

We ship Nationwide!

Shipping within Metro Manila takes 5-10 business days while provincial shipping takes 8-12 business days.

Not yet but we're working on this!

Once your order has been shipped we will email you a tracking number. You can also log in to your Sunnies Specs account and find shipping updates on the fulfillment page.

You can only cancel an order if it has not been processed by our lab yet and has selected cash on delivery as the payment method. To see the status of your order go to the "my account" page. If it has not been processed yet you will have the option to cancel. All credit card payments are final.


You can view our full return policy by clicking the "Warranty" tab.

We're sorry to hear that. Please send us an email at [email protected] and make sure to include your full name and order number so we can help you resolve the issue quicker.

Evaluation of frames/ lenses will be done by our optometrist on duty in the lab before sending out the final order and upon receiving the frame for warranty assessment

Returns will have to be covered and arranged by the customer.

Your return will be processed once we recieve your items.


We accept Debit and Credit payment for all packages. Cash on Delivery is available for packages less than P4000.

All items are final sale and not eligible for refund.

The official reciept for your purchase will be delivered along with your order.

Prescription and Lenses

Unfortunately, not all sold out styles will be restocked. Please reach out to us over at [email protected] or DM us @sunniesspecs on Instagram and we'd be happy to help find a suitable style for you!

We offer single vision stock lenses, single vision processed lenses, progressive lenses, and bifocal lenses. If you have any questions about your prescription, we advice to go through our virtual consultation.

One of our optometrists will assist you in filling out your prescription grade through a virtual consultation.

Head to the Prescripition Page and and click the Virtual Consultation label to book your appointment.

Virtual consultations usually last about 15 minutes.

If you are a returning customer our optometrists will be able to refer to your previous prescription in our database.

Through our virtual consultation, the optometrist can only refer to your previous records or assist you in completing your new prescription.

Our frames are not available to be purchases alone but you can get them with lenses that have zero grade.

Specs Care Kits aren't currently available online but we're working on it!

Plano lenses are lenses that have zero grade. You can see Plano lenses as an option in the prescription drop down under Spheric or SPH.

Lenses size varies by style. When shopping our site you can sort the eyeglass styles by size through our lens width filter. Below you will see the measurement for each size.

Lens Size



43 - 48mm


46 - 49mm


50 - 53mm


54 - 56mm

Extra Wide

54 - 60mm

Digital Gift Card

Digital Gift Cards are a website exclusive and can only be used on

You can redeem your Digital Gift Card at checkout using the unique promo code sent to your email.

Yes! Simply use the unique promo code on any future purchase.

Digital Gift Cards never expire. The unique codes are redeemable on until use.

Specs on Wheels

A by-appointment mobile optical shop experience that goes to your home or your preferred location. Choose frames, select a lens upgrade and consult our doctors from the comfort of your own home (or any preferred location).

A minimum purchase of P3999 applies to every appointment.

Booking an appointment requires a P500 down payment via credit card which is deductible from the minimum purchase of P3999.

You will be able to pay through cash, credit, or debit cards during a Specs on Wheels appointment.

Per appointment, we can accommodate a maximum of three patients. You may book another time slot if you would like to book for more people.

Each appointment is a 30 minute schedule.

Specs on Wheels is available at these locations: Quezon City, Makati, Taguig, Pasig, Caloocan, Las Pinas, Mandaluyong, Marikina, Muntinlupa, Paranaque and Pasay.

Areas or addresses that will require a parking fee will be shouldered by the customer

Yes you can, as long as you reach the P3999 minimum purchase requirement.

We implement the following precautionary and sanitation measures for a safe visit:

  • Daily deep-cleansing with an air filtering machine
  • Automatic foot bath
  • Surface and product disinfection between appointments
  • UV sterilizers and UV wands
  • PPE requirement for staff and optometrists
  • Face mask requirement for customers
  • Health declaration forms

After your appointment, we'll process your order and ship your new pair directly to your delivery address, free of charge!

We will be able to send out single vision packages on the same day or next business day, depending on the time of the scheduled appointment.

Yes, appointments can be rescheduled to a later date, subject to availability. You can either select the Reschedule button on your Appointment Page or email us at [email protected] to reschedule your appointment.

Yes, you can cancel your booking until 5pm on the day before your scheduled appointment. You can either select the Cancel Appointment button on your Appointment Page or email us at [email protected] to cancel your appointment.

Down payments are non-refundable if you opt to cancel your appoinment.

  • Every Specs on Wheels session is 30 minutes long and allows for a maximum of three people per schedule
  • A minimum purchase of P3999 applies to every appointment
  • Booking an appointment requires a down payment of P500 via credit card, deductible from the minimum spend of P3999 for every reservation
  • Down payments are non-refundable if you opt to cancel your appointment
  • However, appointments can be rescheduled to a later date, subject to availability
  • You can cancel your booking until 5pm on the day before your scheduled appointment
  • You will be able to pay through cash, credit, or debit cards during a Specs on Wheels appointment
  • Areas or addresses that will require a parking fee will be shouldered by the customer
  • For inquiries and cancellations, please email [email protected]

Yes you can. Just head to our In-store Appointment page. Select a date, time, and branch. Please note: all store locations are currently closed.

Your in-store eye exam is covered when you purchase the P1999 complete eyewear package.

COVID-19 Response

The safety and wellbeing of our team will always be our top priority. As we work to make sure your eyewear needs are fulfilled, we have focused on online services while our retail locations are slowly opening nationwide. We have redesigned a safer shopping experience for you with stricter precautions and increased sanitation measures at each of our stores. We are also continuing our work to support our frontliners by donating safety goggles to various hospitals nationwide.


Welcome to Sunnies Specs Optical

  • Thank you for purchasing your new prescription eyewear from us. Clarity for everyday is our vision for our customers––before you enjoy your new optical frames, we recommend reading this list of reminders we made especially for you.
  • Your valid warranty can be used nationwide at any Sunnies Specs Optical store. If you’re going to redeem the warranty on your eyewear, please remember to bring an official government ID.
Frame Warranty
  • The warranty for your eyewear is valid for twelve (12) months from the date of store pick-up.
  • For the duration of those twelve (12) months, the warranty applies to damaged frames at any Sunnies Specs Optical store and Damage caused by patient mishandling (such as natural wear and tear, lost screws, paint scratches or accidental damage) will not be eligible for exchange.
  • Upon assessment and approval of our in-house team, the warranty allows for your frame to be exchanged for the exact style and color. If that frame is unavailable, you’re eligible to choose a different style in stock.
  • The warranty does not accommodate refunds, returns or exchanges for a customer’s change of mind.
  • The warranty covers complementary replacement of missing screws and nose pads.
  • The warranty does not extend to replacing missing or misplaced items as well.
  • For frame only purchases in our retail stores, the warranty extends to exchanges within seven (7) days only provided that the frame is in good condition and is within its complete packaging.
  • The warranty is valid for a single (1) return within twelve (12) months from the date of store pick-up.
Grade Warranty
  • You have one (1) month from the date of eyewear redemption to adjust your grade for free. This is upon the assessment of our in-house optometrist. We will have to charge for any adjustments made after this time period.
  • During the one (1) month of your warranty period, we encourage coordinating for an appointment through our social media platforms or our official email at [email protected] Get your eyes re-examined by our doctors, free of charge, if you’re uncomfortable with your lens grade.
  • The warranty only covers one-time (1) replacement for lenses within the grade warranty period.
  • If you opt to copy your grade from an older frame (either from Sunnies Specs Optical or another brand), your grade warranty is waived for any future adjustments.
Lens Warranty
  • The warranty on your lenses is valid for six (6) months from the date of purchase on your receipt.
  • The warranty covers factory defects and any workmanship defects from our lensing lab.
  • The warranty does not cover damages caused by (and not limited to) any form of mishandling and misuse by the customer, natural wear and tear, crack, scratched off coating or accidental damage.
  • In claiming your warranty, the lenses will undergo inspection before any exchanges or replacements can be made.
  • The warranty does not extend to replacing missing or misplaced lenses.
  • The warranty is only eligible for a one-time (1) lens replacement within the warranty period.
Online Orders
  • For eyewear purchases on, all orders are considered final purchases––no returns or exchanges are covered by the warranty.
  • For courier mishandling for purchases from, please send an email to [email protected] and we can directly address your concern.
Tints Color Guarantee
  • Tints by Sunnies Specs Optical coats lenses with UV protection only.
  • Exposure to prolonged heat may discolor your tinted lenses. Keep away from direct heat to avoid discoloration.
  • You have one (1) month from date of purchase on your receipt to adjust your tinted lenses. We can only re-apply tints to your lenses from lighter to darker.
  • Once your lenses are tinted, removing the tint from your lenses is not possible.
  • Upon purchase of Tints by Sunnies Specs Optical, your grade and lens warranties are effectively waived.
  • Advisable grade for Tints by Sunnies Specs Optical is up to -/+ 3.00 with astigmatism of up to - 2.00
  • Services such as basic frame alignment, cleaning, screw replacement, nosepad replacement and nosepad adjustment will always be free––even beyond the one (1) year warranty period for frames and lenses.
  • All frames and lenses for warranty will be subject to evaluation and assessment by our in-house team and authorized laboratory.
  • Please do not attempt to repair your frames on your own or with a third party. Your official warranty with Sunnies Specs Optical will be waived if you do so.
  • Your valid warranty can be used nationwide at any Sunnies Specs Optical store. Please remember to bring your purchased eyewear and a valid government ID when redeeming your warranty.
How to care for your Sunnies Specs
  • Sunnies Specs Optical frames are made of premium materials and quality craftsmanship. But with all things, it is always best to handle things with care.
  • If you’re not wearing them, store your frames properly inside your Sunnies Specs Optical hard case. This protects your case from mishandling and accidental damage.
  • For cleaning your lenses, always use your Sunnies Specs Optical cleaning cloth. We recommend pairing your microfiber cleaning cloth with our Sunnies Specs Optical lens cleaner solution.
  • If your lenses get liquids such as cosmetics or oil on them, dry the lenses and frame immediately. The usual cleaning process is recommended.
  • Never leave your frames inside the car as the temperature or direct heat can cause damage to your glasses.
  • When cleaning your glasses, handle your frames by gripping the bridge of your eyewear.
  • Never place your glasses lens-side down, this avoids unwanted scratches and accidental damage.